Tips for Treks

We’re excited you are making plans to come to the Mormon Handcart Historic Sites in Wyoming. The following are some things to consider when making your plans:


Martins Cove – trek to Martins Cove

Sweetwater Trail at Willie 6th Crossings – trek 4mi, 6 mi, or 10 mi Trail.

Rock Creek Hollow – Handcart pioneer memorial


at Martins Cove – Martin Company/Dan Jones, Eph Hanks/Thisbe Read presentations, Martin Company pioneer stories;

at the Sixth Crossing – Willie Company story, Levi Savage presentation, Willie company pioneer stories;

at either Cove or Willie 6th Crossing site – water crossing, women’s pull/men’s call-out, square dancing;

at Rock Creek Hollow – individual accounts of Willie pioneers memorialized there, group devotional/testimony meeting.

If you are interested, you might want to inquire with the schedulers to see if there is any availability on the National Historic Trail (in which case, you would trek right into Rock Creek Hollow).

Trek leaders or youth can present all the stories or the missionaries at both sites will be happy to help you with them.  We’ll call the square dancing too – or you can.  We’ll do the call out for the women’s pull/men’s call-out and tell the river crossing stories – or you can.  As you can see, we’ll help you in any way you want us to.  You will be accompanied by missionaries if you trek over the national historic trail, but otherwise, your assisting missionaries will meet you at the various locations.

We suggest that you do only one women’s pull/men’s call-out and while you may be crossing the river more than once, you should do only one river crossing presentation.

We also suggest that you organize you trek so that it flows from one site to the next without backtracking.

It takes about 1 hour to drive between the sites.  The Willie Site is in the middle.  So to go from the Cove to Rock Creek Hollow would take 2 hours. Therefore, it would not be wise to go from the Cove to Rock Creek Hollow and back to the Cove in one day because you would waste 4 hours.  Arrange to camp where it will be central to your activities and try not to camp at a different place every night so you don’t have to pull up and change camps every day. This is especially hard for large groups.

Here’s what you’ll need to do to schedule your trek:

  1. Call the schedulers at the Martin Cove Site (307-328-2953) for the core schedule – what/where/when   (FYI – the trek cost is $15/person)
  2. Attend trek training in October or April – it’s mandatory and should include your major adult leaders (trek co-coordinator, bishop, YW/YM presidents)  the cost is $15/person
  3. Fine tune your schedule with the trek co-coordinators at the Cove (307-328-2953) and at 6th Crossing (307-544-2371)

You will love the trek training and will probably want to plan to attend at the earliest available date to give you the maximum post-training preparation time.  You will get so many great ideas from trek training and more importantly, will feel the spirit of the trek.  Trek training will be some of the most important preparation you will make for your trek.


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